Sunday, January 01, 2006

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!..yea right..

You know what it is to wake up, and find out that one more year has passed and you have done so many things in you life?...Well here doesn't work this way.
And I say "here" meaning the people's little place that feel alien in their heart and minds.. and of course in this world ...and you right...i am one of them.

Well today i woke up and find out that i still have feelings for an old girlfriend of mine that
i haven't see her for about 10 years(OMG).
You say ok ,I am without a girl friend for some years,don't rush it, or better, you know that is hard to find the right girl for you, and now BOOM!.. back to the future.The past is past damn it get over it,live the present day ...WHAT present day???Damn freaking scary world!!!